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Your auto electric is the whole deal with your car's operation; just because you put oil and fuel in your car and air in your tyres doesn't mean that your car will always run. You need to respect your auto electric as much as anything else in your car.

At Service Plus Auto Care, we have the experience, equipment and knowledge to diagnose and fix your car's Auto Electrical problems. We are located at Victoria Point and happy to take your car right away! 

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Electrical problems in your car can mean many things; some possible checks on your auto electric include things like:

  • checking voltage
  • dashboard warning light inspection
  • inspection of the fuse
  • bridge solenoid
  • work on the starter
  • cleaning of battery connections
  • fixing or replacing regulators
  • replace fuse

One of the biggest concerns for your electric in your car is the starter. If you have a starter that doesn't work, your car can't turn on. The started turns your engine's crankshaft. Using power from the battery your flywheel engages the engine crankshaft and begins the combustion process which starts the car. If you turn your key and hear not the glorious sound of your humming engine and instead only hear a "click, click, click" noise then you are having issues with your starter. If you have a standard car this could just mean that you haven't engaged your clutch; however if that's not the issue then you are going to need to investigate further.

Another electrical issue could be your voltage regulator. As the name implies your regulator gives your systems the proper voltage levels. You may be noticing dimmed or pulsing headlights, your engine may be behaving erratically, you could have either quite high or rapidly low voltage, or you could simply have a dead battery. This can be an issue of wear and tear or your voltage regulator could be broken. Without regulation of your cars power you can't reliably drive your car; you need to get that regulator fixed or replaced.

Your electrical is an essential to make sure your car runs at all. When issues creep up and the dour mood of an un-operational car sets in, you need to take care of these issues without delay!

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