Brake Fluid Flush


We can't stress enough how important it is to have clean Brake Fluid.

The fluid attracts and holds moisture which limits braking efficiency, increases the corrosion of brake system components and can possibly lead to total brake failure.

Clean brake fluid not only protects your safety it also prolongs the life of your braking system components by preventing corrosion.

Service Plus Auto Care are qualified to perform a wide range of brake services and repairs using quality parts, all covered by our Nationwide Warranty.

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What does Brake System Flush cost?

Cost of a brake fluid flush changes according to vehicle type, and if there is additional repairs or maintenance required to complete the task. While your vehicle is on the hoist, for your safety we will also check the calipers, wheel cylinders, brake hoses, brake lines, and master cylinder for any faults or signs of wear that need to be addressed and advise you if necessary.

If you would like to know costs - give our friendly staff a call to discuss your car and get a quote. If during the procedure we do notice something that needs extra attention that will affect our quote we will always call you to confirm before proceeding.

What does a brake flush involve?

We put the car up on the hoist and take off the wheels, the next step is removing the existing fluid from the master cylinder. We fill it back up with fresh new, quality brake fluid of the correct type. Next, each brake is allowed to 'bleed' out and the new fluid flushes through the system, completely replacing the old. We will also check over the brake system for any signs of damage or wear that needs attention and advise you if necessary.

A brake fluid flush can be done as part of a scheduled service – but sometimes we might advise you need one outside of a regular schedule if we feel it's necessary. We are always happy to discuss the reasons why with you.

My brake fluid looks clean - why are you suggesting a flush?

While your brake fluid might look pretty clean to you – that doesn't mean it's not dangerous. If the brake fluid contains water, its not always noticeable, but it still could cause the fluid to boil. Boiling fluid can cause loss of braking pressure or even sudden and unexpected brake failure. A visual inspection won't necessarily highlight if there is dangerous amounts of water in your brake fluid, only a professional boiling point test can tell you this.

How regular should I have my brake fluid changed?

Every two years is the standard recommendation, there should be information in your vehicles manufacturers log book – its important to keep in mind these are recommendations and so it is important to evaluate the condition of your brake fluid on a regular basis.

When it comes to Brake Safety - We Don’t stop – So you do when you need to.

At Service Plus Auto Care we offer a full 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report, upon request, with every full car service which includes a written review of your brake fluid, master cylinder, front and back discs and pads, calipers and cylinders and more. This report lets you know if there is immediate or future need for repairs to your vehicle allowing you to be safe and budget in advance.

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