Diesel Service & Repairs


Call Service Plus Auto Care for all your diesel 4wd and diesel passenger vehicle repairs, inspections and services.

A diesel engine can be more efficient, better for the environment and cheaper to run than its petrol-powered counterpart.

However, it still needs regular servicing to keep it running at an ultimate level and to help make sure nothing goes wrong. Our technicians are fully qualified to service diesel 4wd and passenger diesel vehicles. 

Service Plus Auto Care can also help with DPF and EGR management, carbon cleaning, diesel fuel system problems and more - call us today if you have any questions.

Our diesel services include:

  • Changing oil
  • Changing fuel filter
  • Checking brakes

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Diesel vehicle repairs and servicing are not a problem at Service Plus Auto Care at Victoria Point, in fact, we enjoy them! You can't take your diesel vehicle to a regular dealer and expect a high level of service as petrol, LPG and diesel engines all require a different set of skills and equipment to carry out proper servicing.

We are experienced diesel mechanics and will get your vehicle serviced or repaired and back on the road in no time.

Some of the key differences between petrol and diesel vehicle servicing:

Spark plugs and distributors need to be checked and serviced a petrol powered car but not so in your diesel vehicle as they don't have them! The combustion of diesel in the cylinder is started by compression alone with no need for a spark.

The fuel filter is important in a petrol car but vital in a diesel vehicle. Impurities in petrol will reduce the efficiency of the engine but impurities in diesel can severely damage a diesel engine. Therefore, diesel engines need to have their fuel filters inspected, repaired and replaced more often.

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